What is the most sensitive part of the penis? THE MAN!

Size matters - The topic is as up-to-date as ever - 

and as always almost every man is still worried about not having the "BIGGEST".

Leading media regularly show interest in penis sizes and our "little buddy": How big does his penis have to be for ... this, that, whatever - or in other words: for him to become the fulfillment of all erotic desires?

Does everyone really want and love the "BIGGEST"? Are there not only personal preferences? and also anatomical conditions that are different for every couple? Is the penis size a relevant size?

Why is the discussion about the size of all our things so one-dimensional? Wouldn't it be helpful to look at the man as a whole and relax? And perhaps the eternally same and boring question of what is and is not 'normal'?

The tense search for the ideal penis has negative consequences for men's relationships with themselves, with each other and with their partners.