MY.SIZE pro – Far above the standard


MY.SIZE condoms are premium quality condoms developed by R&S consumer goods GmbH, Munich, Germany. Quality has always been the most critical factor in our strategic model since R&S started in the condom business in 1997. We understand that without total quality, we are unable to achieve our corporate goals. That is why at every stage of the manufacturing cycle, we take extra-special care to ensure that quality is never compromised. Now we have brought all of our experience to MY.SIZE pro and we are convinced that we can introduce you to one of the best condoms in the world today.

VYTEX natural rubber latex

Vytex is a revolutionary plant-based raw material sustainably harvested from the Hevea brasiliensis tree. It is then treated with a non-toxic multi-patented process to virtually eliminate all of the typical latex smell and the antigenic problem-causing proteins that can result in an allergic reaction to natural rubber latex. Read more at the VYTEX website.

Available in 9 sizes

MY.SIZE pro condoms are now available in 9 sizes between 45 und 72mm width. The widest size range you will find in the condom market. One of them is yours.

Extra thin - for more feeling

At 0.05 to 0.06 mm, MY.SIZE pro condoms are very thin-walled and at the same time safe.MY.SIZE pro condoms come with15% thinner wall thickness as average condoms, offering a greater sensitivity..


Is it important to you that no animal is harmed by your decision to use MY.SIZE pro? In the entire manufacturing and production process, the use of animal products and tests on animals are not an issue.

Easy to open foil packaging

The new, advanced MY.SIZE pro condom foil is easy to open. Your game of love remains relaxed and safe - even in this moment: no interruption and fumbling, 

Fair for people and environment

A good feeling for a product usually has a good reason.
For you,socially and environmentally fair production conditions are a matter. For us as well. The purchase of MY.SIZE pro condoms ensures the people at our production a decent life and work: This gives us all the pleasure of being able to meet in recognition of their performance at eye level at any time. more information in FAQ