Here you will find all the questions and answers about MY.SIZE pro condoms including "What makes MY.SIZE pro condoms so unique?",  "How can I find my right size?", "How should I store my condoms?". In sum any questions you have will be answered here.

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Men are different, and one most sensitive part of the man is the penis.

We all want our penis to be and stay erect, wether it is slimmer or wider. There are suitable condoms for this: your tailor made MY.SIZE pro condoms. In addition, unsuitable condoms do not bring you in a good shape: The condom does not provide the desired pleasure when it prones to slipping!

Perfectly dressed to you and your mood, another advantage of a fitting condom is, that you can gain experience with different condom sizes: A slightly more slim condom can delay your orgasm. A one size wider condom offers more intense sensation. Important is that the condom does not pinch or slip off your penis.

It´s important to you that no animal is harmed by your decision to use MY.SIZE pro?

In the entire manufacturing and production process, the use of animal products and tests on animals are not an issue.

Men are different - and the key question is, whether or not a condom fits the man in his uniqueness

Our Latex is basically very elastic, wafer-thin, adaptable and transmits body heat. 

However, our sensation on the penis is not as stretchy as latex: the sensory cells in the sensitive skin on the penis are poorly supplied with blood, if the condom is too tight - and your feeling is lost! In addition to slowing down the sensation, there are several risks involved, if you don't use a condom of the right width:

If the condom is too wide, it can slip and finally slip off: this feels terrible during that time - and even more so afterwards. 

If the condom is too tight, the latex is dangerously strained, when the condom is put on:  There is force when putting the condom on, perhaps even contact with fingernails - and this can lead to micro-cracks in the latex. These tears can later open up further and your protection is lost: You wouldn´t be safe anymore.

Whether a man makes love in a perfectly fitting rubber or not is decidingly about, whether he feels safe or not, if he comes or not, if he can feel oneself and his partner or not. All this relates on pleasure or frustration, feeling one or separated, being safe or not, staying healthy or not: it´s a top relevant game changer.

Men are different - and the key question is, whether or not a condom fits the man in his uniqueness.

This is why fine graduations in the width of condoms are so important and decisive for good, safe sex.

MY.SIZE pro - as unique as you.


  • Condoms have to be stored in a cool and dry place, protected from heat and direct sunshine.
  • Coins, keys and other sharp objects could damage the condom.So keep your condoms in a safe place, when you have them in a bag.
  • Respect the expiry date printed on the box and condom foil. Otherwise the quality can not be guaranteed.

If wearing a condom makes you feel uncomfortable, then you are not wearing the right condom. Condoms are stretchy, but if the condom is too tight or too wide, you may not get the feeling and it also can affect your security. And that can be very annoying. So if your condom slips, when you are having sex, then this condom is not your size - try a slimmer condom! If you feel that the condom is not easy to roll over your penis, that means your condom is too slim! Probably it is very good, but does not let you feel so much. Condoms should prevent many things, but not your enjoyment during sex.

Well condoms can break - No contraceptive can guarantee 100% protection. Most condom damage is caused by wrong handling, especially when putting on the condom. Using MY.SIZE condoms, however, this risk could be minimized, because you can roll off the condom with little effort. For good glide, an additional lubricant can help. If it slips well, the risk of damages is considerably reduced.

MY.SIZE condoms do not have any spermicide lubricant, as a spermicide lubricant can cause negative side effects. 

Our condoms are made from premium quality natural latex.

We use a custom designed latex compound, which ensures MY.SIZE condoms to be extremely elastic, durable, lightweight and soft. Natural rubber latex is that part of latex, also called milk juice, which is obtained as a whitish liquid from the rubber tree. Latex is thus a pure natural product and, in addition to the rubber, consists mainly of water and in smaller parts from resins, proteins and minerals. From latex and various other ingredients, we develop a special latex mixture, which guarantees that our condoms are particularly elastic, tear resistant, light and soft. Our latex mixture mainly consists of natural rubber latex. A number of additional ingredients are added to the vulcanization process and the final composition, which we refer without exception to well-known and carefully selected suppliers. Here is the complete declaration of the ingredients of our latex mixture:

• Cis-1,4-polyisoprene
• Tamol
• Zinc diethyldithiocarbamate
• Di-tert-butyl-4-methylphenol
• Zinc dibutyldithiocarbamate
• Zinc oxide
• Sulfur
• Potassium Hydroxide
• Fatty alcohol
• Potassium Oleate

As a lubricant to improve the natural lubrication, we use pure silicone oil also called Dimethicone. It is colorless, transparent, considered non-toxic and chemically inert. The viscosity is 350 centistokes and is recommended in this form as a lubricant for natural rubber condoms. We do not use spermicidal substances: MY.SIZE Condoms do not contain sperm-killing, chemical agents. We are always asked to inquire about the percentage composition of the latex mix we use and the names of our suppliers. We are pleased and understand your interest, but ask for your understanding that we can not pass the exact formula for reasons of safeguarding our business secrets.

For us, quality means special attention in every single step of production.

This is how we guarantee the highest quality even above the standard. Far beyond Europe, MY.SIZE pro - condoms from this basic millionfold successfully fulfil that - and only that! - what condoms are actually made for: Safe contraception - and increasing joy. Extra thin walls, fine gradations from "slim" to "wide" in a worldwide unique range of widths offer the greatest possible safety combined with a great benefit for your sensation.

We also focus very closely on the selection of raw materials

We only use first-class, particularly pure natural rubber latex, which is carefully selected by our technical staff. In further processing, it is turned into VYTEX Latex. This latex still offers all the advantages of a natural product - and even more: Compared to commonly available latex, VYTEX latex contains over 90% less latex proteins. VYTEX Latex is practically free of allergenic proteins and impurities - and because of this purity it also smells very pleasant. The purity has even more advantages: The time-consuming washing that is otherwise common with latex is almost eliminated: a 66% lower water consumption additionally saves our resources.

MY.SIZE pro condoms are made of a special latex mixture which guarantees that they are particularly elastic, tear-resistant, light and soft.

To support natural lubrication we add silicon oil, which is characterised by particularly soft characteristics.

(find more information about ingredients under "MY.SIZE pro condoms are made from what material?"

You can determine the right condom size for your penis by using different measuring methods. All information about how to determine the size of your condom can be found here: "Your condom size" 

We are constantly improving and developing MY.SIZE.

We do this out of appreciation for you - and out of passion for our product.

The MY.SIZE pro condom is a milestone - and unique in the world.

In many respects a significant improvement even over MY.SIZE:


MY.SIZE pro - as unique as you.

VYTEX is natural latex - just better!

MY.SIZE pro condoms - made of VYTEX latex: extra thin - odourless - low allergen - vegan - in 9 sizes

VYTEX offers all the advantages that latex has as a natural product - and even more: VYTEX Latex is highly pure: Compared to common latex, VYTEX contains over 90% less latex proteins: You free your body almost completely from allergenic sensitization. This high degree of purity brings with it a very pleasant scent without any added aroma - quite unlike common latex. Even your nose will be happy! 

AND: Due to 9 fine gradations in width and extra thin walls, every man gets the greatest emotional authenticity and security...and of course MY.SIZE is pro vegan.

MY.SIZE pro - elementary values

Pleasure for all - from the very beginning! The good feeling for a product usually has a good reason. For you, fair, sustainable as well as socially and environmentally compatible production conditions are a matter of course. For us too.

Appreciation for people

It is countless skills, moments and movements in people's lives, that make our condoms the uniqueness, with which you can now enjoy them. We see ourselves and the people in our production as a team and are grateful for the dedication, perseverance and passion they bring to MY.SIZE pro with their time and decades of experience.

The workers rights and working conditions in the MY.SIZE pro production facility are regularly audited in accordance with the international standards of the ILO labour organisation. Here you can find the current certificate.

Our production has just been awarded the top mark "A" again!

Certificate: RRT EMPLOYMENT R&S.pdf / ( at the moment only the confirmation of rrt . is deposited here, not the certificate itself)

Respect for the environment

We are convinced that pleasure is greatest when we can have a clear conscience in what we do, work, buy and take responsibility for.

Environmental protection and sustainability of our production are therefore regularly certified and monitored by the ISO 14001 standard as a globally recognized basis for environmental management systems.

It covers all aspects for a continuous improvement of the environmental performance of our production. Here you can find the current certificate: ISO 14001.pdf

MY.SIZE pro essentially consists of three natural elements!


Latex is obtained from natural rubber and is the rubber-like substance in the latex of rubber plants. This latex tastes pleasant, similar to sweet cream.

Natural latex, as used for our condoms, can be easily composted to recycle the raw materials it contains. In the moment, condoms are usually still disposed of with the residual waste - and unfortunately not directly composted. However, it´s good that our MY.SIZE pro condom at least enriches the residual waste with its organic material and energy - and dissolves into its valuable components again.


Thanks to the use of VYTEX latex, MY.SIZE pro uses up to 66% less water in production compared to conventional methods!

The cleaning process, which makes VYTEX latex practically free of allergenic proteins and impurities, drastically reduces water consumption in the production steps up to the finished condom: MY.SIZE pro condoms no longer need to be additionally rinsed and washed to remove residual proteins.

The production of MY.SIZE pro is therefore also exemplary in terms of water resources. A large, multi-stage tank system collects the used water. There it is cleaned, treated and reused as far as possible. Rainwater is also collected and replaces the precious resource of drinking water in several areas such as toilet flushing, irrigation, cleaning outside - i.e. outside the production process.


Our production is growing continuously - and so is our energy requirement. The constant expansion of photovoltaics on our production hall and the surrounding roofs is growing with the aim of producing 100% of our energy requirements with the sun. Soon additional solar roof areas will be built over the car parks, so that by 2021 already 60% of the electrical energy will be supplied by the sun!

We are committed to ensuring that MY.SIZE pro can be produced entirely with natural, sustainable resources. The huge photovoltaic system with a current output of 1.8 million kilowatts is one of the largest systems in Malaysia and already covers a large part of the roof of the production hall. If you would like to take a look at it: ....( Link to PV)