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Condoms are supposed to be individual - extra thin and ultrasensitive - and to be trusted brand condoms!

...just like MY.SIZE  -#itsamatch !!

The erotic community asked 2,000 of its 3.5 million members about condom use.

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Here, you´ll find the survey for more exciting results:


Whether "No condoms fit me, my penis is just too big" or "Putting on a condom kills the lust" - excuses of men against the use of condoms are as old as the condoms themselves.

But rubber contraceptives not only provide fairly reliable protection against unwanted pregnancy, but also against sexually transmitted diseases.

Only 10 % of Germans do not use condoms at all.

Thus 20.7 % of the 2,000 respondents say, they always use a condom during sex. A further 69.3% use a condom at least during sex outside a stable partnership. Only 10% do not use condoms in general.

Men are more likely to buy condoms.

Who actually takes care of the purchase of the rubber overcoat?

94.7% of the men interviewed say that they are the ones who buy the condoms. Perhaps a bit too big-bodied, if you trust the women's statements. Only 76.5 % of them say that it is mainly men who feel responsible for the purchase.

The right size is the most important purchase criterion, colour and taste are irrelevant.

What does the inclined condom user pay attention to when buying?

By far the most important criterion for the 2,000 respondents is the right size of condom. This is somewhat surprising, as almost half of the men admit not to know the right condom size. Only 11.4 % have ever taken a concrete measurement.

In second place among the most important purchasing criteria is the desire for a particularly thin and thus emotionally intensive condom. Not surprisingly, 71.0% of men and 54.5% of women say that condom sex feels less intense for them.

Buying a trusted brand is also important to the respondents.

Characteristics like color or taste of the condoms, on the other hand, play almost no role.

When it comes to putting on the condom, the following applies: The man is himself!

As when buying condoms, the man is responsible for putting them on. Only 12.8 % of those surveyed say that the woman puts the rubber on the man. In 87.2 % of the cases the man takes care of it himself.

Whether woman or man - if you don't want to experience any nasty surprises during sex, you should make sure that your fingernails are well groomed, in addition to the condom size and best before date. Almost half (47.3%) of those surveyed have torn or burst a condom in the past.


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