Press Release: MY.SIZE App

A free web-based app revolutionises safe sex for millions of people

R & S Consumer Goods, developer and manufacturer of premium condoms for over 20 years, closes a gap of communication and knowledge that could significantly change people’s contraceptive behavior all around the world: The free web-based MY.SIZE measuring app to find the perfect fitting condom. Simple, free of charge and good! The condom has to fit the penis, not the otherway round! The MY.SIZE app sheds light on tabooed, tongue-tied areas: safe, enjoyable sex is finally possible. In the past, millions of couples, unaware of their correct condom size, would experience safe and enjoyable sex with standard condoms only by coincidence, when the condom would accidently fit. It was accepted – and unfortunately still is - that with condoms it was simply like that. Whether the condom actually fit the man wasn’t even considered. The fact that men AND their penises are different is well-known: „Erect Penile Length and Circumference Dimension” Journal of Sexual Medicine, 2013-14 Penis Size Study "Am I normal?" Penissize Studies Review Analyzes Data on Flaccid and Erect Penis Lengths in Men, BJU International 2015 However, hardly anyone obviously realizes: Latex is not as pliable as the sensation of the penis! Every penis immediately feels if there is more or less room available in the latex skin - with the known effects of slippage, breakage, reduced blood circulation and dull sensation to name a few. „Self reported penis size and experiences with condoms“ Archiv Sexual Behavior, 2013 Feb Sex with a condom that fits the man, is almost as safe as the pill (see Pearl Index) and at the same time almost as intense as sex without a condom. Only then a condom prevents, for which it is actually intended, and allows a more intense feeling, because the skin and nerve cells of the penis are not restricted in their circulation. The man can feel himself and his partners and can safely let himself go. Also, youngsters and slim build men will only truly feel safe, when the usual slippage of a standard condom does not occur. How to use the MY.SIZE app? The MY.SIZE app is a web-based app. It’s free and available in several languages. Visiting with a smart phone and measuring can start. After finding the recommended condom out of the available seven MY.SIZE condom sizes, customers can then look up directly where to purchase it from (in store or online).