Love is a unique feeling. 

MY.SIZE - as unique as you -  #itsamatch

You are unique. The way you live, the way you love, the way you feel - it is just right. 

Because your lust is real and doesn't need drawers.

We want you to live your freedom. The freedom to just be you. 

Because only you know what is right for you. 


Our campaign  itsamatch - stands for diversity and celebrates our uniqueness.
We want to dissolve stereotypes and attributions that define sexual orientations and identities unasked for from outside. We welcome the diversity among us and believe that we should strengthen and promote this open way of thinking. 
Labels, categories, whether positive or negative, do not define us! 
We advocate that identity and the respective sexual orientation can be lived without judgmental attribution while respecting human dignity. 

MY.SIZE - as unique as you.


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